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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

London is always and never the same, I thought while I was walking in South Kensington district. Serene red brick architecture, traditional black cabs driving smartly dressed bankers, an Asian couple doing their wedding photoshoot in front of the Royal Albert Hall and barefoot drunken students walking by – all this mix was bizarrely magical. And that’s why I love London. Somehow it takes you back 100 years and at the same time spins you around in its fantastic big city energy.

That warm October Saturday evening I was coming back from the walk around the Buckingham Palace, when suddenly time stopped as I started shooting around the already mentioned Royal Albert Hall. I managed to take 8 images of the silhouette of this elegant couple before they continued their Saturday night adventure. I think somewhere around 3rd or 4th shot they realized they had become a part of mine ;)

London by night

London by night


  1. I wonder what their story is? Are they lovers, friends, been married for years, girlfriend and boyfriend….happy or sad? I guess thats the beauty of photos like this, as a viewer (if thats the right word to use) we can create their story in our own minds and make it into anything we want it to be. Thanks for posting this beautiful and interesting photo.

    • Thank you for the comment! I wish it was a romantic story, but all this couple did was trying to decide which direction to go next. They didn’t hold hands or even touch each other, but one could tell they have been together for a while. That sort of silent relationship which makes you wonder if they are that comfortable with each other or if they don’t have much left to say. Their silence and hesitation fitted perfectly into the scene. I wonder if they are still together.

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